The competitive environment obliges a lot. Companies have to come up with something new and unique for the industry, and at the same time monitor the quality level of the list of basic services. In recent years, there has been a trend in the forex industry to go beyond simply providing access to trading on the exchange market. This has been the main function for quite a long time, but now priorities are changing following changes in customer requests. It is very difficult to take leadership positions, brokers have to spend a lot of time studying the opinions of the trading community, testing and implementing new opportunities. The advantages of Esperio are numerous and reflect the broker’s course of continuous development.

How does the Espero broker differ from the others?

There are different ways to attract customers. There are unfair companies that hide the real conditions behind beautiful facia, after which customers are unpleasantly surprised by the discrepancy between reality and the stated. The Esperio broker works completely differently, all the information is provided in extreme detail, the trader immediately sees the key indicators and makes a decision. Let’s consider the advantages of Esperio in trading.

  1. The broker offers a choice of trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5 versions. This is the most popular program, and a significant part of traders still work with the 4th one. We note that this is an additional cost for the broker, but the choice of clients is much more important. The minimum amount in Esperio required for trading is only $1.
  2. The list of trading instruments has more than five hundred positions, among which there are such important areas as stock instruments and cryptocurrency. The services market is developing, traders are increasingly looking towards stocks and indexes, because forex volatility has seriously decreased. The situation is similar with cryptocurrency, it is very popular now and there are more and more people willing to trade every day. At the same time, there are pairs not only with the dollar, but also with other currencies, such offers are practically not found among other forex brokers.
  3. The developed system of copying trades. Using it is very simple, you just need to follow the instructions. First, registration, depositing and then choosing a signal provider. After that, all the trades that this selected trader opens will be automatically duplicated on the investor’s account. There are statistics for each trader – how much was earned over a certain period of time, what slumps there were. This allows you to choose the most suitable option for yourself, you can diversify risks and choose several suppliers with different profitability and risks at once.
  4. Availability of a platform for investing. It is represented so far by a small list consisting of only two portfolios and one fund, but in the future it will gradually expand. Broker specialists with extensive experience in the market are engaged in compiling lists of current assets, so such products may be interesting to those who want to receive passive income. For example, the Esperio fund has demonstrated a profitability of 47% annum over the past three years, which, with a conservative approach, can be called an outstanding result.
  5. Powerful analytical support. The company’s website has a whole section with analytics and most of it is available to all traders. There is an advanced news calendar with additional features, detailed reviews of major events and weekly major materials dedicated to the main news and the most interesting situations in various markets.

Advantages of Esperio

The Esperio broker offers, if not the best, then some of the best conditions in the industry. In the company’s policy in the first place there are the convenience of customers and the provision of customers with the most comfortable trading conditions. This can be called the main reason why every day more and more traders from different regions around the world become Esperio clients.

Additional features

The above advantages of Esperio related directly to trading – the main activity of the broker. But, in addition to this, there are also other aspects that can be highlighted and which at the moment many consider no less important. The situation is gradually changing, brokers are no longer just intermediaries between the market and the trader, they are increasingly beginning to resemble platforms and even ecosystems. Let’s note the following advantages of Esperio:

  1. Availability of a training program consisting of 4 courses. It is suitable for traders with any level of knowledge, from beginners to experienced traders who need individual advice. A special mention deserves a free online course on the principles of the market and trading opportunities.
  2. The possibility of earning money within one of the programs of cooperation with the broker. By themselves, affiliate programs are found at many brokers, but the advantages of Esperio are in the conditions that imply several payment points – for registration, activity and a percentage of the spread.

Additional features

These opportunities perfectly complement trading, you can take training and at the same time conduct activities to attract customers, this is especially important if you have your own blog or Youtube channel.


The Esperio broker doesn’t stand still and is in continuous movement and development. The emergence of new opportunities and services can be called a confirmation of the course taken to expand the range of activities, to reach as large an audience as possible. At the same time, the management competently approaches the process of implementing everything conceived, doesn’t make hasty decisions and doesn’t impose anything on its customers. The business model assumes a gradual expansion of opportunities for trading, as well as other services that are in demand or may become such. The experience of international work gives invaluable experience, the advantages of Esperio reflect the ambitions of the broker and the desire to take a leading position.

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