Information support of a trader is very important. Events in the world are cyclical, crises come after a lull and financial well-being. Some people make a fortune during an unfavorable period, while others suffer serious losses. Then the world economy slowly recovers and the next cycle begins. And it continues until the next collapse. All economic events are of great importance regardless of the trader’s work. They influence the market, move prices. There are different opinions on this matter, but no one will argue about the need to receive up-to-date information in a timely manner, to be one of the first to get key news. Analytics in Esperio reflects the broker’s comprehensive approach to providing services, all clients get access to a huge amount of materials provided by the broker.

News Feed in the Terminal

Everyone has heard of the big news outlets like DowJones or Bloomberg. They broadcast all the news that is important for the market. They are also quickly translated into many languages. A subscription is usually assumed because the information can only be received free of charge with a half-hour delay.

Esperio broker clients, if they have a trading account, automatically see all publications in the corresponding section of the program. They are translated very quickly, usually no more than a minute. All important information is promptly sent to the feed, the trader can see the results of the macroeconomic data publication, and make trading decisions. Esperio’s analytics will be most useful for those who trade intraday news and catch even small movements.

News feed in the terminal

Economic Calendar

You won’t surprise anyone with this function now; there are even specialized services with calendars. But they practically do not provide useful information, they contain only general info – the forecast value, the past indicator.

Esperio analysts offer a much more interesting option containing additional parameters:

  • A graph showing how the predicted values correlated with the real indicators. It is a very useful feature that allows you to quickly see on the history deviations.
  • Price chart, which, in combination with the previous paragraph, allows you to look at the price reaction in case of coincidences of values and deviations.
  • Volatility. It is an indicator that characterizes the range of price fluctuations after publications.

It is also worth noting the ability to add events to the calendar. For example, there is the most important news that leads to significant price fluctuations and you should not miss such publications. You can easily mark everything you need on the calendar and work with the news that interests you. Esperio analytics shows customers focusing on the example of such a calendar. The broker creates such opportunities not for show, but in order to expand useful functionality that will be helpful to traders.

Financial Market News

News is presented as a separate section on the broker’s website, the list of publications includes dozens of posts per trading day. You can draw an analogy with the news feed of the terminal but here more attention is paid to assessing the current state of affairs, changes in the price of a particular trading instrument. Articles are often supplemented with charts so that you can immediately see what is at stake, without looking for a graph in the terminal. If the news interests you, then the trader will find the desired chart and make a trading decision. News reviews cover many markets, they will help you keep abreast of all current events. For beginners, there is training – Esperio offers a lot of materials and so it will be easier to understand and assimilate them.

Trading Ideas

Financial Markets

This section is designated as an exclusive one, the company’s specialists are preparing various investment ideas that you can use. In simple words, these are ready-made trading scenarios that provide an entry point, take profit and stop loss for various instruments. For Esperio market analytics to become available, you must have a trading account with a balance of at least $1,000. It is also important that cancellation scenarios and alternative options are provided within the trading ideas.

Analytical Market Reviews

This is the analytics section of the Esperio broker, which focuses on the general state of affairs across all markets. It covers the stock market, currency pairs, commodities, and stock indices. Reviews are published 2 times a week: one is dedicated to the main events and trends of the week, and the second can be called a review for the whole week. The most interesting events, large-scale movements, and a possible change in the mood of investors in the markets are noted in such reviews.

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