Since forex brokers have high competition, they have started to provide bonuses to their clients. But behind a beautiful sign, there can be a slight advantage for a trader, or the conditions are not beneficial. Broker Esperio allows clients to choose among three main bonuses, depending on the situation. Besides, there is an option to convert received bonuses into cash. Esperio bonuses are transparent. If certain conditions are met, a trader can receive significant benefits. Let’s consider each bonus separately, and describe the method of obtaining and using it. Check bonuses’ actuality on the website.

Esperio Bonuses

Extra Empower

The simplest and most understandable bonus is designed to improve the margin situation during drawdowns. It operates according to a simple algorithm. A trader makes a  request in their personal account and receives an amount in the range of 50-100% of their funds. It allows avoiding the forced positions’ closing if there is no possibility to deposit funds into the account quickly. The main conditions are the following:

  1. The account must be of the Standard type.
  2. A trader must have VIP status.
  3. The bonus validity period is limited to two days.

Extra Empower

Such Esperio bonuses can hedge your savings if the trade was not successful, and there is no possibility to replenish the balance. We also note that the specific amount of bonus funds is determined on an individual basis. So, the exact amount can be found out only after applying. Of course, clients cannot withdraw bonuses. However, there are no restrictions on the use of profits received from trading using them.

Double Empower

Esperio broker bonuses are among the most interesting and profitable for traders. The main advantage is the bonus convertibility. It means, it can be converted into real money. Further, they can be withdrawn without any restrictions. Let’s consider the process of receiving a bonus step by step:

  1. Deposit an amount exceeding $500. Replenishment of Esperio account is quite simple. Traders do not face any difficulties.
  2. Leave a request in your account. It is usually required by all Esperio bonuses.
  3. Then, receive bonus funds that can be used in trading for three months (90 days). The sum of funds should be equal to the amount of replenishment. There is a limit on the maximum amount, it is $3,000. But you can deposit several times and receive a bonus.

While trading, the client will receive $3 in real money for each traded standard lot, which is 100,000 units of the base currency. Further, there is an example to understand how Double Empower bonuses are calculated by the broker.

Double Empower

Suppose a trader deposited $1,500 into his account and received a bonus equal to this amount. To convert the bonus fully, you need to trade 500 lots, costing $3 each. A trader has 90 days to make all deals. There is enough time, and offers for each lot are the best ones in the sphere. Another indisputable benefit is that the bonus is valid all the time. It is not a seasonal offer with a limited duration. These Esperio Bonuses are highly in demand, as the received funds can be taken from the account without any obstacles.

Empower CashBack

This Empower offer belongs to the cashback category and covers the client’s costs. Besides, you can receive a significant annual income of up to 31.8% on the free funds deposit. Cashback operates according to a simple cost reimbursement scheme. The main conditions are the following:

  1. It is necessary to have a Standard account. Only this type is suitable for the program.
  2. To activate the bonus, VIP status is required. A client should deposit $50,000 or more to get it. Send an application in your personal account to assign the status when the condition for the volume of the deposit is met.
  3. Make transactions on the trading account.
  4. Get cashback, its amount should not exceed $10 per standard lot and depends on the spread size within each transaction. There is also a commission.
  5. The bonus is accrued for the past month if a volume of transactions is equal to the amount of the deposit.
  6. If funds have been withdrawn from the billing month, no bonuses are accrued.
  7. Clients cannot withdraw given bonuses. But, they can use them in trading and then withdraw the profit without restrictions.

Empower Cashback

Let’s consider a simple calculation example. If we open a deal for ten lots in the GBP/USD currency pair and then close it, we get costs of $80 spread and $70 commission, in total $150. Further, if the conditions listed above are met, we will get a cashback equal to 13% of the amount of costs, which will be $19.5.

Esperio bonuses are profitable and get significant profits, especially Double Empower. The remaining two types are also interesting but they are more suitable for clients with large deposits, as they require VIP status, which is provided for having $50,000 on the deposit. You can start using the second bonus and after successful trading, you wil be able to use the rest.

The broker’s bonus program will be further improved and updated. The company’s managers are closely following the trends in the industry. At the moment, all Esperio bonuses described by us, are relevant, and clients can track possible changes in the program in the future here:

You can also ask for personal advice on bonuses and get more detailed information. Just use a contact form at the bottom of the specified web page.

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