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  1. Esperio Copy Trading is a great thing; let me tell you, I’m delighted. It’s safer for me as a beginner. Remarkably, there is such an opportunity when the trades of experienced traders are copied to your own account. My choice fell on the LiliBM trader, a tough guy. I want to praise him. He is in the TOP 5 of traders’ ratings. I chose him according to the charts for a month and for six months. I did not regret that I chose him. In short, I can keep control of my account anyway, which is very important to me. This is a cool scheme, it’s easy and straightforward to make money, and the most important thing is that I don’t go into the terminal every second and don’t stress)) The day before yesterday, 600€ came to my account. It is super; no sweat, and money is earned! Happy.

  2. Astra Reply

    When choosing a broker, it is best to look at the features and reliability rather than at how low are the fees it offers. So I settled on the Esperio company. An absolutely reliable broker with quick money withdrawal. Provides many instruments to successfully trade through them. No, of course, there are drawdowns, because you can’t foresee everything. But on the other hand, you can rise quickly if the analytics are carefully studied. You can start with not very large amounts, I also started with a minimum sum, each time increasing the amount and using a large leverage. Over time, I became smarter, decreased my leverage in order to limit myself from a large number of transactions. It’s good that you can reduce the shoulder.

  3. Brokerage company Esperio was my choice and I was not mistaken in my choice. It is best to look at the reliability of the broker and the prices. An excellent and reliable broker with big winnings and fast withdrawals. to invest and every time I was a winner and it made me very happy. I was very pleased and began to place more bets. Having contacted the Esperio brokerage company, I never regretted it and of course I recommend it to everyone.

  4. I have known the company since spring. Good trading conditions, the spread is not the largest I have seen, but definitely not small. But the commission on transactions is one of the lowest. You can replenish from a crypto account. Reviews broker Esperio does not require a large deposit. Support responds very quickly to requests, an acceptable minimum deposit, a good choice of withdrawal methods. Haven’t noticed any cons so far. I started trading by opening a $500 account. I use several pairs, but the EUR/USD pair gives me a good profit percentage. I trade a couple of days a week, now the account is valid.

  5. This is one of my favorite brokers. I will say that you can completely trust him, for me he deserved it, namely by the fact that absolutely all transactions brought me to a plus. Yes, maybe the profit is small, but it’s still a plus. Once I conducted four transactions in a row and what do you think they all came out to an excellent profit, I trusted and increased the volume of investments usually greed destroys, but then luck again, more precisely, the competent skill of the broker. That was my experience. I hope with my story I will help those who want to do something and doubt or do not know how professionals do their work.

  6. I am new to the Esperio platform, but I can already say that the platform has huge enough potential to become famous in its own way. Firstly, the size of the first installment is quite small, especially if you look at other brokers. Secondly, the demo account is quite well-developed, where you can click everything, make a trial trade or explore the functionality of the platform for free. The withdrawal is not blocked and the money on the account does not disappear by itself. I like the presentation of information on the Esperio website, the market analytics is constantly updated, a very good block with news. No limit cuts or profits from a successful trade. So, the broker is quite reliable and honest so far.

  7. I learned about this platform called Esperio from a discussion at a thematic forum dedicated to trading. And somehow it so happened that he first registered for training on the cent account, looked around the site and has already begun to make deals, after opening a deposit and down payment. So far, my experience of working with this broker can be called successful. The percentage of successful transactions is more than ninety (they were unsuccessful, but he is to blame, because he did not study the statistics and took a risk in vain), I make a conclusion of earnings twice a month. Support, by the way, consists of literate people, not workers recruited on the street.

  8. I earned $300 on impulses yesterday. I was thinking about whether to withdraw or earn some more money and then make my first withdrawal. But yesterday, I still put in my first request of 100 euros for the withdrawal of funds. And this afternoon, I’ve already had everything withdrawn. It’s just some kind of cosmic speed! And even without commission! I didn’t know this moment, I didn’t take it into account. That was the joy when I noticed that the commission was not accepted. I’m writing, my hands are shaking with happiness! My first money was earned here. Ehuu!

  9. I have a big request to change the terms and conditions on the cards. I have been working here for a while now, and everything has been going fine. But then I connected a new card to my personal account. And this is what happens. Blocked the withdrawal of profits. Blocked on both cards. And they keep checking the cards that it’s me and not another person. All the time, they ask for my documents and statements. So please check my new card, why block and check the card I’ve been working with here for a hundred thousand years. So I understand that until my new card is verified, I won’t be able to deposit or withdraw money from my old one. The technical support has told me to wait. Of course, I am waiting, but I ask to change the conditions of the cards. Of course, I understand that you are in favor of security, but I want to work and withdraw my profits!!!!

  10. I’m not a fan of writing reviews, and to be honest, I don’t write them at all. But this time, I will make an exception as I want to share my joy with others. This was the first time for me when I started to trade with a broker, and in general, I got into trading. I did my training here and closed my first trade yesterday… PLUS!!! +300 dollars. Of course, I’m very happy and can’t believe it. I thought it would be minus… but now I want more and more.
    I read comments on different forums saying that one cannot get used to trading at all, much less make money. I think it’s nonsense!!! Just use your head and do it!!! Like me))))))

  11. I want to be a trader, I’ve even started looking for a suitable broker and courses and came across the Esperio broker. You know I really liked the site, the information on it and there is also a choice of language))) Well, it’s cool. The first impression is very important and Esperio managed to make it good! I saw that they have training courses and then I realized that I must be here! I will take training from Esperio and immediately start trading. I left an application on the site and now I’m waiting!! I want to start training as soon as possible!

  12. Hi everyone. Yesterday I closed a deal I held for 4 days and earned $880. This morning I put it to withdrawal, and I had the money in the afternoon. As always, esperio withdraw money quickly! Such a significant amount for the first time for me. I usually do not keep my deals for so long, maybe a day or two, and I see a good result here. Now I think to keep all transactions longer.

    And how many days do you hold deals?

  13. Ferit Piters Reply

    The idea of doing trading came to me not long ago, but I realized that it is necessary to understand it, and the only thing I know is psychology. It took time to train and was not done in one day, and I was ready to forget about it. Still, purely by chance, I came across an advertisement for Esperio about synchronous trading, and supposedly you can copy trades of experienced traders to your account. You don’t need training in this business, because they will do everything for you. I was naturally interested in this and went to their website. I found information about this trade for lazybones with no problem. By the way, the website is user-friendly, and you can easily find the information you need, so I quickly found information about this trading company. So, yesterday I registered on the website and chose a trader.

  14. I registered, immediately deposited money into my account and started trading right away. The performance is great for me. Everything is mostly on time, of course there are small brakes as everywhere. I’ve been here for 6 months already. It happens in different ways here. At first I tried to work on currency pairs like everyone else, but I got bored with it and I can’t make a lot of money on pairs. I then switched to working for metals. I started with small volumes of 0.01, now I’m already working with volumes of 0.5. I work with gold and silver. The oil exchange rate is growing, and gold and silver are growing, as I understood, they have a relationship. It seems to me that precious metals are much more profitable to work in the market than currency pairs. So far, I’m fine.

  15. Pacify Her Reply

    I had a case on Wednesday when I opened a couple of deals on gbpjpy and eurjpy. I had to leave for work and, accordingly, there was no way to follow the values because my computer with the terminal remained in the office. When inflation came out, I urgently had to do something, because I bought them and they collapsed. To avoid waiting for the stop, I had to go to the web terminal on another computer through Esperio’s personal account. I didn’t even use a mobile version since I didn’t have it. So the first thing that came to my mind was precisely the web terminal. After trading for some time via it, I even checked it out. It is inferior to the program and works through the browser. It’s good that the deals didn’t sink much and I quickly closed them. So I’m pleased with such an opportunity provided by the broker — it saved my money from draining.

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