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  1. Esperio Copy Trading is a great thing; let me tell you, I’m delighted. It’s safer for me as a beginner. Remarkably, there is such an opportunity when the trades of experienced traders are copied to your own account. My choice fell on the LiliBM trader, a tough guy. I want to praise him. He is in the TOP 5 of traders’ ratings. I chose him according to the charts for a month and for six months. I did not regret that I chose him. In short, I can keep control of my account anyway, which is very important to me. This is a cool scheme, it’s easy and straightforward to make money, and the most important thing is that I don’t go into the terminal every second and don’t stress)) The day before yesterday, 600€ came to my account. It is super; no sweat, and money is earned! Happy.

  2. Astra Reply

    When choosing a broker, it is best to look at the features and reliability rather than at how low are the fees it offers. So I settled on the Esperio company. An absolutely reliable broker with quick money withdrawal. Provides many instruments to successfully trade through them. No, of course, there are drawdowns, because you can’t foresee everything. But on the other hand, you can rise quickly if the analytics are carefully studied. You can start with not very large amounts, I also started with a minimum sum, each time increasing the amount and using a large leverage. Over time, I became smarter, decreased my leverage in order to limit myself from a large number of transactions. It’s good that you can reduce the shoulder.

  3. Brokerage company Esperio was my choice and I was not mistaken in my choice. It is best to look at the reliability of the broker and the prices. An excellent and reliable broker with big winnings and fast withdrawals. to invest and every time I was a winner and it made me very happy. I was very pleased and began to place more bets. Having contacted the Esperio brokerage company, I never regretted it and of course I recommend it to everyone.

  4. I have known the company since spring. Good trading conditions, the spread is not the largest I have seen, but definitely not small. But the commission on transactions is one of the lowest. You can replenish from a crypto account. Reviews broker Esperio does not require a large deposit. Support responds very quickly to requests, an acceptable minimum deposit, a good choice of withdrawal methods. Haven’t noticed any cons so far. I started trading by opening a $500 account. I use several pairs, but the EUR/USD pair gives me a good profit percentage. I trade a couple of days a week, now the account is valid.

  5. This is one of my favorite brokers. I will say that you can completely trust him, for me he deserved it, namely by the fact that absolutely all transactions brought me to a plus. Yes, maybe the profit is small, but it’s still a plus. Once I conducted four transactions in a row and what do you think they all came out to an excellent profit, I trusted and increased the volume of investments usually greed destroys, but then luck again, more precisely, the competent skill of the broker. That was my experience. I hope with my story I will help those who want to do something and doubt or do not know how professionals do their work.

  6. I am new to the Esperio platform, but I can already say that the platform has huge enough potential to become famous in its own way. Firstly, the size of the first installment is quite small, especially if you look at other brokers. Secondly, the demo account is quite well-developed, where you can click everything, make a trial trade or explore the functionality of the platform for free. The withdrawal is not blocked and the money on the account does not disappear by itself. I like the presentation of information on the Esperio website, the market analytics is constantly updated, a very good block with news. No limit cuts or profits from a successful trade. So, the broker is quite reliable and honest so far.

  7. I learned about this platform called Esperio from a discussion at a thematic forum dedicated to trading. And somehow it so happened that he first registered for training on the cent account, looked around the site and has already begun to make deals, after opening a deposit and down payment. So far, my experience of working with this broker can be called successful. The percentage of successful transactions is more than ninety (they were unsuccessful, but he is to blame, because he did not study the statistics and took a risk in vain), I make a conclusion of earnings twice a month. Support, by the way, consists of literate people, not workers recruited on the street.

  8. For three years of work on the stock exchange, I tried a bunch of brokers. In the end, I settled on this option. Mainly due to low commissions on transactions, quick withdrawal of funds from the account without the need to provide confidential data, an abundance of trading instruments. I would also like to note the pleasant interface, the technical optimization of the trading platform (nothing slows down and does not crash during operation). Quite worthy.

  9. Joseph Joster Reply

    I really liked Esperio broker. I just recently met him, but I can already tell whose he is very good. I have been familiar with the topic of brokers for a long time, and therefore my friend, who also knows about it, advised me to use this broker. I immediately liked it, as the broker’s interface was pleasant and addictive. The right tools are always at hand and you can always keep track of your trades. A low minimum deposit, which is exactly what I started with, and only then I began to increase the rate. But for now, that’s enough for me. The broker brings a considerable profit, which I can then easily withdraw. I like everything, the broker is good and very convenient. I recommend to everyone.

  10. I earned $300 on impulses yesterday. I was thinking about whether to withdraw or earn some more money and then make my first withdrawal. But yesterday, I still put in my first request of 100 euros for the withdrawal of funds. And this afternoon, I’ve already had everything withdrawn. It’s just some kind of cosmic speed! And even without commission! I didn’t know this moment, I didn’t take it into account. That was the joy when I noticed that the commission was not accepted. I’m writing, my hands are shaking with happiness! My first money was earned here. Ehuu!

  11. I have a big request to change the terms and conditions on the cards. I have been working here for a while now, and everything has been going fine. But then I connected a new card to my personal account. And this is what happens. Blocked the withdrawal of profits. Blocked on both cards. And they keep checking the cards that it’s me and not another person. All the time, they ask for my documents and statements. So please check my new card, why block and check the card I’ve been working with here for a hundred thousand years. So I understand that until my new card is verified, I won’t be able to deposit or withdraw money from my old one. The technical support has told me to wait. Of course, I am waiting, but I ask to change the conditions of the cards. Of course, I understand that you are in favor of security, but I want to work and withdraw my profits!!!!

  12. I’m not a fan of writing reviews, and to be honest, I don’t write them at all. But this time, I will make an exception as I want to share my joy with others. This was the first time for me when I started to trade with a broker, and in general, I got into trading. I did my training here and closed my first trade yesterday… PLUS!!! +300 dollars. Of course, I’m very happy and can’t believe it. I thought it would be minus… but now I want more and more.
    I read comments on different forums saying that one cannot get used to trading at all, much less make money. I think it’s nonsense!!! Just use your head and do it!!! Like me))))))

  13. I want to be a trader, I’ve even started looking for a suitable broker and courses and came across the Esperio broker. You know I really liked the site, the information on it and there is also a choice of language))) Well, it’s cool. The first impression is very important and Esperio managed to make it good! I saw that they have training courses and then I realized that I must be here! I will take training from Esperio and immediately start trading. I left an application on the site and now I’m waiting!! I want to start training as soon as possible!

  14. Hi everyone. Yesterday I closed a deal I held for 4 days and earned $880. This morning I put it to withdrawal, and I had the money in the afternoon. As always, esperio withdraw money quickly! Such a significant amount for the first time for me. I usually do not keep my deals for so long, maybe a day or two, and I see a good result here. Now I think to keep all transactions longer.

    And how many days do you hold deals?

  15. Ruslan Bukulov Reply

    Good afternoon. I trade with the broker ESPERIO. I have results, and I want to share them, or rather my achievements. I came here knowing a lot about trading and all the ins and outs. I funded my account at a hundred, decided to see first how they withdraw funds here, because I read that 1-2 days, but I still need to check myself. Earned 30 $, immediately threw a request for withdrawal, approved quickly, a day later was the money in hand. That’s why I stayed here. It’s already a month of trading…. And as a result: I lost only twice, all other trades were in the plus. I am satisfied with ESPERIO, everything is very convenient, there is a wide range of instruments, technical support is always in touch. The requests for withdrawal of funds are very fast. I wish the same result to everyone.

  16. Aleksey Miller Reply

    This is the best broker in my life. I signed up a month and a half ago. What I want to note is honesty and transparency on his part. What attracted me the most: it is an accessible and transparent identity verification; confidentiality; Transparency of transactions in many instruments; there are a large number of indicators and methods of technical analysis; very low commission on a large number of transactions, allowing you to make small transactions while still making a profit. I also want to note that the support service is very helpful in many issues, including technical ones. In general, I made a profit of approximately: 75.5%. Which makes me very happy.

  17. Ferit Piters Reply

    The idea of doing trading came to me not long ago, but I realized that it is necessary to understand it, and the only thing I know is psychology. It took time to train and was not done in one day, and I was ready to forget about it. Still, purely by chance, I came across an advertisement for Esperio about synchronous trading, and supposedly you can copy trades of experienced traders to your account. You don’t need training in this business, because they will do everything for you. I was naturally interested in this and went to their website. I found information about this trade for lazybones with no problem. By the way, the website is user-friendly, and you can easily find the information you need, so I quickly found information about this trading company. So, yesterday I registered on the website and chose a trader.

  18. I registered, immediately deposited money into my account and started trading right away. The performance is great for me. Everything is mostly on time, of course there are small brakes as everywhere. I’ve been here for 6 months already. It happens in different ways here. At first I tried to work on currency pairs like everyone else, but I got bored with it and I can’t make a lot of money on pairs. I then switched to working for metals. I started with small volumes of 0.01, now I’m already working with volumes of 0.5. I work with gold and silver. The oil exchange rate is growing, and gold and silver are growing, as I understood, they have a relationship. It seems to me that precious metals are much more profitable to work in the market than currency pairs. So far, I’m fine.

  19. At first, I started looking for information, the reviews about Esperio were positive, I dared to try it. Good trading conditions, the spread is not the biggest I’ve seen, but it’s definitely not small. But the commission for transactions is one of the lowest. You can top up your account with a crypto account. Reviews broker Esperio does not require a large deposit. The support service responds very quickly to requests, an acceptable minimum deposit, a good selection of withdrawal methods. I haven’t noticed any cons yet. I started trading, opened an account for 500 dollars. I use several pairs, but the EUR / USD pair gives me a good profit percentage. I trade a couple of days a week, now the account is valid.

  20. Pacify Her Reply

    I had a case on Wednesday when I opened a couple of deals on gbpjpy and eurjpy. I had to leave for work and, accordingly, there was no way to follow the values because my computer with the terminal remained in the office. When inflation came out, I urgently had to do something, because I bought them and they collapsed. To avoid waiting for the stop, I had to go to the web terminal on another computer through Esperio’s personal account. I didn’t even use a mobile version since I didn’t have it. So the first thing that came to my mind was precisely the web terminal. After trading for some time via it, I even checked it out. It is inferior to the program and works through the browser. It’s good that the deals didn’t sink much and I quickly closed them. So I’m pleased with such an opportunity provided by the broker — it saved my money from draining.

  21. Today, I withdrew money here for the first time. Thanks for being so fast) I’ve only been here for 2 weeks and I didn’t learn Esperio very well, but I’ll praise you for the quick withdrawal! This company made me happy because I thought the withdrawal would take two days, but they processed the application on the same day!!! Well done!

  22. Serge Slonov Reply

    Honestly, I’m a reall newbie in trading but even my knowledge and experience apeeared to be enough to make deals on this platform successfully. Trading is really comfortable and pleasant with the Esperrio’s instruments. It doesn’t mean that this platform is for begginners only. More experienced traders can make really good money and it’s a great opportunity for them to implement their knowlege to a high profit. So, I would call esperrio absolutely universal for both categories of traders either newbies or real proffesionals. It works stable, money withdraw is easy and fast and the support is always online.

  23. I’ve started my trading way with another company, but I’ve changed them to Esperio because they had the opportunity to trade on a cent account. If I had known earlier that it was possible to sell on small accounts, I probably would not have lost many funds. I’ve heard about Esperio from my friend, who also was trading on this platform. After registration, I immediately opened a cent account and replenished it with 100 euros. At first, I decided to check how everything works here. The trading was the same. My previous experience taught me not to rush with deals. I can say that the broker suits me entirely at the moment. I eventually replenished the account with 500 euros and now trade using Esperio’s trading signals. I don’t need more, because I earn money and am entirely satisfied.

  24. Esperio is my first such company, where I opened an account and replenished it. This is my first significant experience trading in the financial market. Before that, I worked on a demo account for a long time and gained experience. Now I trade currency pairs on a standard account, mainly EURUSD and AUDUSD. What I like about the broker is that it gives bonuses when trading. I’m not trying to get big profits, but I think there is no more money. I agreed with the terms of the trade and accepted the bonus to my account. Also, the minimum spreads in trading make this company more loyal because I studied different brokers and concluded that Esperio has the most optimal trading conditions.

  25. Aleks Levak Reply

    I worked with different brokers, but none of them could justify my expectations. But a friend of mine, who has been trading for a long time and a lot, advised me Esperio. At first I did not believe him, my experience at the auction was sad. However, he persuaded me to try. And inspired by his experience, I decided to take a chance. You know, I started with esperio reviews. I really got a great chance. The trading conditions are very convenient for me, and what is also important is how they treat their client. I have contacted their support many times. If you have questions or concerns they will resolve them quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that my deposit began to grow.

  26. I have been scalping for the second year now, so the most important thing for me is a one-time commission for opening a trade. I work through several brokers, but I like the conditions in Esperio the most. 0.007% per lot is very cool, as it allows you to open numerous transactions, practically not paying attention to commissions. In addition to this, when replenishing a large amount, I have the opportunity to receive 50% to the bonus account, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the risk of losses during drawdown. So far the stats say that this account is the most profitable of all that I have

  27. I started working with Esperio on a recommendation. I have a friend who has been trading via their terminal for a long time. That is why I’ve had no doubts about the company because I know a close one and trust them completely. Now I only invest money and do not trade myself because I have a main job and no free time. But I like investing, especially since Esperio is not the first company in my experience. I invest in stock portfolios. I like that there is more or less stability compared to the same cryptocurrencies and currencies. Besides, the risks are small, and everything is easily controlled – my portfolio is entirely under my control, and I can influence it myself. These are things that I like.

  28. I can proudly say that trading is no longer a problem after studying at Esperio. I can prove it with my successful results – for several days in a row, all my transactions have been successful, and even when I had a minus a couple of times, it was not noticeable. I would not have been able to achieve such heights without training. During the courses, I was taught different trading methods, such as scalping. I use it often, and this method brings me good profit. Therefore, I thank Esperio for the quality training and new knowledge and highly recommend it to everyone who wants to succeed in trading.

  29. Hello to all traders and those who are looking for a broker. I started to trade with Esperio three months ago, I have some things to say about their service. What I like is that there are many types of accounts. I don’t think that I will use all of them but there always should be an alternative. The main thing is that there is a cent account for training to try trading for real and also they have a standard type of account. Also, as a bonus they have two types of MetaTrader – 4 and 5, I really enjoyed a large choice of instruments in MetaTrader 5. Personally, I trade in MetaTrader 5 and I like the choice of cryptocurrencies.Also, I think that analytics in the personal account is a plus, the service is very cool visually and graphically everything is clear. I recommend you to try it. And of course, I managed to test withdrawal of funds, so everything is ok. I think that a minus is that the conditions for getting bonuses are difficult to carry out, but in general everything is good.

  30. Plus one pleased client to Esperio reviews. I’m pleased with trading conditions and earnings till now. Without solid actives I’ve got access to trading. Minimal deposit on Esperio is so loyal. So many thanks to Esperio Copy Trading which is more reasonable opportunity for my beginner-level. I can use the trades of more experienced traders. It’s legal and much less riskier then if I make decisions by myself. I don’t trust myself in this questions so much. I feel free from making high-risk choices. The same time I’m learning and earning money. Super profits have come to my account. Enjoy Esperio!

  31. Penklo23za Reply

    I have been working with Esperio for a couple of years. I decided to share my opinion about this company because I considered it one of the best in its segment. I talked with my financial advisor before opening an account. They told me in detail what types of accounts there were, what the difference was between them, what the commissions were, and what platform was better to trade on. After that, I did not contact those support because everything said by the consultant worked. I solve all other issues myself. Mainly it concerns trading, and the broker also helps well by providing trading signals. I recommend this company to my friends.

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  33. I have been trading for a long time, and for the last six months, I’ve been working on the Esperio platform. This year was rather crumpled in terms of results, but the second half was encouraging. I managed to turn my investments into profit thanks to the analytical support of Esperio. If it were not for the analytical support, I would probably close in the red. I am not saying that I am a financial guru — I still try to look at the professionals even though I have been in the markets for a long time. I believe that the company’s employees are really professionals, because the recommendations and signals they give help me make money. Thank you so much for that.

  34. I myself am a teacher of economic geography by education, so I have been interested in economics for a long time. I first studied trading issues theoretically. I understood the trends and prospects. But I was in need of a reliable partner in order to start my own trading. It took me a long time to find a suitable platform and I settled on this company. I immediately fell in love with Esperio’s user-friendly interface and intuitive website architecture. Then I got a good look at LiliBM trader, who turned out to be a top level specialist. I started trading with small amounts, and then I started to increase volumes. Now I am trading with confidence and I recommend this site and this broker.

  35. As an experienced trader, I recently had the opportunity to work with Esperio and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with their services. When I searched for “Esperio reviews,” I found that many other traders share my positive experience.

    One of the standout features of Esperio is their excellent customer support. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to help their clients succeed. Whether I had questions about trading strategies, technical issues, or general account management, their support team was always available to provide me with the help and guidance I needed.

    Esperio also offers a wide range of trading tools and resources to help traders achieve their financial goals. Their platform is user-friendly and intuitive, with a wide range of charting tools, technical indicators, and trading signals to help traders make informed decisions.

    In addition, Esperio takes security seriously and ensures that all transactions are safe and secure. They use advanced encryption and security measures to protect user data and funds, giving traders peace of mind when trading on their platform.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Esperio to any trader looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and secure trading platform. Their excellent customer support, wide range of trading tools, and commitment to security make them a top choice for traders of all experience levels.

  36. Harry Martin Reply

    I have always dreamed of making good money online. I’ve tried many brokers, but I’ve settled on Esperio. It’s great that you can learn how to trade on the demo version, which makes it possible to save your investments and gain experience. It’s also good that you can get training on the website. The site interface is clear, there are many tools for successful trading. Everything works well, does not freeze. Funds are quickly credited to the account. The support service quickly answers all unclear questions, they always explain everything well. I am currently making good money. I am satisfied with everything.

  37. I like this company because there is no limit on withdrawals and the commission is not excessive, you can really make money on trading. I may not have too much profit, but I can consider trading as my extra job. I don’t spend a lot of time, I take off about three positions a week.
    The terms of the company suit me, everything is fine.

  38. I trade by myself and I’m good at it.
    I tried trading through copy trading once. the trader is normal, he earned me a profit, but this is not mine. I like to enjoy trading, not just profit.
    for me, the only important thing here is the terminal, the execution of orders and the withdrawal of funds. Everything is fine and I’m working here.

  39. I was here for a consultation because I wanted to consult with a professional. The meeting was online. He consulted me and told me what to do with an open position. When should it be closed, etc
    I took his advice. The deal turned out to be profitable, although I wanted a little more profit, but if it wasn’t for the manager, I would have closed the deal in the negative.

  40. Helmut Beck Reply

    You can trade using the scalping method here, not every broker gives you this opportunity. I replenished my account just a few days ago and sent a request for profit withdrawal today. There were a lot of deals. I closed about 40 positions a day.
    The terminal works well, it allows me to react quickly.

  41. I haven’t traded here yet, but I want to leave a review about verification and my personal account.
    I liked the efficiency of the managers and the design of the personal account.All the information is there and you can ask a question in your personal account.
    The confirmation letter for the profile was sent to the mail and to my personal account, after which I replenished the account. This process was also fast.

  42. I like the user’s personal account.
    The menu has analytics, Expert Advisors, copy trading, Q&A and much more.
    I also want to add the ability to change the theme of my personal account.
    When I log into my personal account at night, I want to be able to change it to a night theme.
    I think it will be comfortable for many users.

  43. I always open long positions. Yesterday, I closed a position on gold that I had held for almost a month. The trade was profitable. Last time, I also closed position on gold, but this time the result was better. My profit increased several times. I developed my own strategy and showed good results, and Esperio withdrew my profit without any problems.

  44. Esperio’s customer support team is fantastic. They are always available to help with any questions or issues I have. Their responses are prompt and they go above and beyond to ensure that all my concerns are addressed. This level of support makes trading with Esperio a smooth and stress-free experience.

  45. evereccsst Reply

    I’ve been with Esperio for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier. The customer service is top-notch – always available and ready to help. I also appreciate the quick and hassle-free withdrawals.Overall, a great broker that I trust with my trading activities.

  46. Esperio’s customer service is one of the best I’ve experienced in the trading industry.
    Whether I had technical questions or needed assistance with my account, they were always there to provide prompt and effective solutions.
    I highly recommend Esperio to anyone seeking a dependable trading partner.

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