You can earn money in the financial markets not only within the framework of trading. If you have a talent in advertising and marketing, you can cooperate with brokers through affiliate programs. Companies are interested in advertising their services, expanding the customer base. Their own efforts are often not enough, the environment is extremely competitive and in the struggle for each client it is no longer enough just to provide quality services. In this regard, various options for cooperation are being created, Esperio partner program assumes 2 main directions, which we will consider in detail. Practicing traders can also be partners at the same time, in this case the results may be better, because there is a full understanding of the strengths and the opportunity to talk about it reasonably and based on facts.

partner program

CPA partner

It’s the most common way to work with Esperio. An affiliate program of this type involves receiving a combined reward, which is quite rare in the industry. The partner can count on the following payments:

  1. CPL is a fee for each client who registers an account and passes verification, and then deposits $50 or more. A standard scheme that is well known among broker partners.
  2. CPA are payments that are given for the activity of a registered client. They cannot exceed the size of his initial deposit, also there is a division into 3 groups, depending on which country the attracted client is from. The amount has an upper limit of $300-500.
  3. A refund of the part of the spread paid by the attracted client. It is the same for all groups of countries that are represented and is 10%. These payments are valid for an unlimited time.

In general, it turns out to be a very convenient system – partner remuneration for customers after registration and deposit, subsequent activity and, finally, trade volume. The more actively the client trades, the more the Esperio partner gets. It may seem that 10% is not a very high indicator, but at the same time the broker doesn’t impose any additional limitations, such as the duration of the trade, volume and result.

Also note that the broker doesn’t impose restrictions on the withdrawal of client funds. The partner clearly understands how much he earns, there are no additional «buts» that unfair brokers like to prescribe in small print.

The partner can attract as many clients as he wants and can, for each of them, according to the scheme described above, reward will be paid if the conditions for registration, verification and the minimum deposit amount are met. Statistics are available in your personal account, which is updated frequently and shows the required amounts. The most important advantage in addition to an unlimited number of clients is the absence of a limit on income per Esperio client. The affiliate program works constantly, after the payment of the first two points of the scheme, part of the spread will be transferred without limitations. Therefore, even if the broker’s partner ceases its activity after some time, payments will still go according to the conditions.

Most often partners are:

  • The topic of trading in financial markets is now popular, partly due to the powerful movements in the markets and especially in cryptocurrencies, the stock sector. Such blogs usually have a large audience and a well-written story about the advantages of using a broker can generate good traffic.
  • YouTube channels and other video hostings, streams. It can be considered as a kind of blog, just more visual. In the video materials there is an opportunity to show everything and to explain everything in detail.

Registration is required to work, then the whole process is based on the usual principle – a referral link. The partner places it as a part of his promotional materials, and the audience follows it. Those who have registered and fulfilled the conditions become referrals, the system works completely automatically and all the required allocations will be made. If you have confidence in your abilities and skills, you can try to work within the framework of the second, more advanced version of cooperation, which will be discussed below.

CPA partner

Introducing broker

This option of cooperation involves closer contact with the broker. The representative must have experience, a deep understanding of the mechanisms of brokers and the functioning of financial markets. Among the candidates, you can often meet bankers, agents, financial managers and just people with a large network of financial contacts. The introducing Esperio broker receives a part of the company’s income from attracted clients. In addition, the broker offers:

  • Availability of a personal manager. Assistance in any matter and in your native language helps you to effectively cope with your work in The broker’s partners can contact the manager at any time, he will respond as soon as he can.
  • Access to promotional materials and all necessary information. The broker is interested in good results and helps Esperio representatives in every possible way. The license and all regulatory documents are available for study.
  • The entire reward due to the representative is credited daily, there are no delays and other things. The broker values his reputation and always follows the rules.
  • Formation of personal conditions. The more clients a representative can bring to the company, the better the conditions will be. Esperio Broker aspires to long-term cooperation.

To register and become a partner, you need to go to the Esperio website. The affiliate network begins to develop after discussing all the conditions and starting work. This is the most profitable option for cooperation, but it requires the candidate’s skills, sociability and ability to convey information to the masses.

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