Esperio affiliate service can be freely called unique. It combines several types of affiliate programs but also has its crucial feature. This specially developed program corresponds to a new tendency appearing on the market – it is focused on a broad audience. You can work with classical variants focused on retail traders and with the format developed for whole groups. The Esperio affiliate program has already earned high praise from professionals. Esperio was recognized as the best affiliate service at the World Forex Awards in 2021. Basic information about the program is presented on a separate website. We will give a short description of two variants of cooperation – according to innovative and classical schemes.

Multi-Level: The Profits multiply

Esperio Affiliate Program

This variant of cooperation is designed more for those who work with a specific audience – training, sale of signals, Expert Advisors, etc.

Let us dwell on the critical aspects of the broker’s multi-level affiliate system and highlight the main ones:

  • A partner receives income not only from their referrals but also from other clients of the company attracted by these referrals. It is the essence and uniqueness of Esperio’s multi-level affiliate program.
  • The income can be distributed between the levels. If the network is small, the focus is on the first levels. If the network is extensive, it is usually on the last levels of the most significant income.
  • A partner can independently set up several levels, among which the income in his future network will be distributed.Multi-Level: The Profits multiply
  • A multi-level affiliate network is, in fact, a ready-made solution for businesses for professionals in the field of online trading services.

multi-level affiliate network

Let’s dwell on the last point in more detail. It is essential for a professional working with an audience to provide information about quality service. Simply put, when selling products, a robot vendor tells you where it is best used and where the trading environment meets the requirements. The same can be said about the teachers – they talk about such an aspect as the trading conditions of the broker and generally about the interaction with the broker in the training. Esperio can be an effective platform in this case. The trading conditions are available on the company’s website.

Let us highlight the most important things:

  • Technical equipment allows the company to reduce delays in the execution of trade orders to a minimum.
  • Trading conditions are as loyal to clients as possible.
  • A wide range of trading tools for both trading and investment.

trading and investment

All this considerably simplifies the partner’s work and allows using the broker as a ready full-fledged component of their business. Multi-level, in this case, is a good source of additional income. The growth of the affiliate network brings more and more profit, and it is possible to adjust it to the interests of your own business.

Fast CPA: a new view on familiar things

Fast CPA

If you have a tried-and-true mechanism for attracting clients and want to keep everything the same, you can use an improved classic variant of cooperation with Esperio. An affiliate program of this type is called Fast CPA and offers a payout algorithm after specific actions of the attracted client. The partner receives a reward if:

  • If the registered and verified clients make a deposit – from 5$ to 20$, depending on the country they are registered from. All countries are divided into three groups;
  • The activity of the client, the payouts can be up to $300-500. Again, depending on the country of origin of the client. This amount is calculated based on the volume of the referral’s initial deposit.
  • The partner also receives 10% of the spread from all trading operations made by a registered client.

In most cases, affiliate programs are focused on one type of payment. For example, only for registration or only for spread. Esperio goes the other way – it extends the boundaries of possibilities, allowing the maximum from the whole audience of the partner. Some traders make a large deposit immediately and then do practically no trading. Others start with small amounts and gradually develop, increasing their turnover and becoming a constant source of spread profit. Given the complete absence of any restrictions on the amount of partner rewards, active traders can bring significant income.

In fact, the broker gives 90% of profit to the partner until the partner receives the above-mentioned fixed payments. There are few offers on the market which have comparable values. And on the whole, the Esperio affiliate service can be freely called unique for the industry. The most accurate definition of this affiliate program would be the term “ecosystem”. By connecting to the Esperio affiliate network, partners decide by themselves which direction their affiliate network will develop, adapting it to the needs of their business. The flexibility of the system corresponds to a new trend that appeared recently in the sphere of affiliate business. And the company tries to correspond to this trend, creates a comfortable environment for its partners, and invites cooperation from professionals and those who work with retail traders. Each solution has advantages, and you should choose the best one according to your interests.

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