Esperio is an international forex broker that provides access to trading various instruments in the financial markets. Over the ten years of its existence, the broker has significantly expanded its functionality, introduced many new opportunities for clients, and developed a bonus and affiliate program. Now Esperio trading is a full-fledged trading platform that traders with any level of training can use – there is a special training program consisting of several courses. Let’s look at the whole trading process from the first steps to the results and indicators – how much the broker’s clients earn with Esperio.

Let’s start with the simplest, when we visit the broker’s website for the first time.

Esperio broker

Registration, depositing

The company’s website is quite simple and made in such a way to make it easy to navigate. To register you will have to specify all the basic data, the procedure practically doesn’t differ from that in any other forex companies. The Esperio broker operates in accordance with international anti-money laundering standards, so the KYC procedure is required, you will need to verify your account. All data is checked; additional documents may be required at the request of the company. This is a normal process, do not be surprised, nowadays all serious brokers work this way.

The next step is depositing your Esperio trading account. Trading starts literally with $1 on a cent account, but it will take $10 or more for an adequate trade. You can deposit funds, as well as withdraw them, in various ways. The broker works with bank transfers, cards, electronic systems and cryptocurrency. The latter option is just beginning to appear with most brokers, but Esperio has been working with digital assets for a long time. This significantly speeds up transactions, there is no chance of blocking and other problems associated with conventional methods.

Working with the Esperio broker. Terms of trading

The trader has the opportunity to choose one of 4 account types, which are divided according to the functions and collectively cover the widest possible audience. We will briefly describe each of them.

  1. Standard. It’s a simple and functional account that can be called a classic one. Forex trading with Esperio is very convenient for beginners, the leverage is up to 1:1000. It should be chosen in the case when it is supposed to be used in small amounts, or for long-term trading on large timeframes.
  2. Cent. It’s a regular cent account that repeats the functions of a standard one. It differs in the volume of the trading lot reduced by exactly 100 times, which allows you to work with several dollars on the account. The unit of balance is a dollar cent or euro.
  3. Invest. It’s a separate type of Esperio account. Trading is conducted without leverage, while more than 500 shares of companies from the USA and Europe are available in the MetaTrader terminal. In fact, it’s an investment platform in a popular terminal.
  4. ECN. This account is for active traders who execute a large number of transactions and value a diverse set of tools, order execution speed, and the amount of costs. Access to a high level of liquidity satisfies all conditions, spreads are from 0.2 points.

More than half a thousand different trading instruments are available to traders, among which there are currency pairs, metals, energy resources, stocks and stock indexes, and cryptocurrency. Everything except currencies is represented by contracts for difference (CFDs), which are much more convenient than the usual trading format in the stock and commodity market.

There is a high speed of execution and leverage (for stock brokers it is no more than 1:10 and only for derivatives). The company’s commissions are moderate, taking into account small spreads, very small costs are obtained in Esperio. Trading is designed for the maximum convenience of the trader.

Terms of trading

Additional features in Esperio

Before starting trading in the financial markets, you can use Esperio’s training. The broker offers many courses. They are designed for different levels of training – there are programs for green beginners and professionals who just want to get advice, improve their trading systems as part of the consultation with broker employees with extensive trading experience. There is also a free course, it covers the general principles of financial markets, the profession of a trader, describes basic concepts. All training is carried out online. There is also a list of terms on the site which are recommended to study before starting trading.

And you can advertise a broker and receive partner rewards. There are two main options for cooperation. The first involves the distribution of information using referral links. The partner receives a reward for each client who passes verification and makes a deposit in the amount of $50 or more. Further, for the activity of such a referral, a payment is provided in an amount not exceeding its initial deposit, or in the amount of $300-500, depending on the country of residence. And finally, unlimited payouts of 10% of the spread. The second option is more advanced, if you have the necessary skills, knowledge and connections, you can become a broker’s representative. This is a serious cooperation that can bring up to 30% of the spread.

Trading with Esperio: conclusions

Almost all clients of the broker rate the quality of service as the highest. Clients note convenience, customer orientation, competent technical support and a wide range of opportunities. Traders, depending on their approach to trading, earn an average of 10% per month, and the most active ones show results of hundreds of percent, which are achieved on cryptocurrencies. Most of all, a huge list of tools is appreciated, from which you can choose the right one for yourself. Some prefer currencies, others the stock market, third cryptocurrency. And some combine all of the above and diversify their capital with investments.

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